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Brace Soon

Founding Principal

Having founded the school at 2018, Brace Soon has brought a fresh perspective and teaching approach to his position as our Academy Founding Principal. An inspiration for both students and academy alike, he is one of our most beloved instructors. Brace Soon has been seen as a rising artist in Asia music industry also the show biz after collaborating with numbers of well known local and international artists. Before establishing A.M.A., he has also toured more than 7 countries and 30 cities internationally for music gigs and performances, including Vladivostok (Russia); Shanghai (China); Busan, Jeju, Sokcho (Korea); Fukuoka, Kanazawa, Maizuru, Okinawa, Aomori, Nagasaki (Japan); Singapore; and others. His sophisticated playing styles and the prominent showmanship revealed more than superfluous words could describe. 
Brace Soon has then started his teaching career back in 2018, aims to provide learners a thorough knowledge of music, focusing not only in-class learning but also on student's showmanship through public performance. He quoted "Confidence is one of the keys to success in certain aspects of life. And one of the ways to build confidence is to actively involve in performance, get used to the feeling being in front of the crowd." 




Rachel Chia


"I am passionate in seeing students indulged in music playing and singing. I hope through learning music they will not only master the playing skills but also to fell in love with music itself. Music can be a powerful medium that allows someone to express feelings. It is never about just learning music playing skills, it is more to expression and articulation of emotions!"



"'It's never too late to learn'. A mantra that we should all live by. Do not be afraid to go at your own pace when learning music. Trust the process. But of course, there will be no success without any effort! It's not hard to learn something if you do it incrementally."


Ruo Xuan

"Patience is one of the traits that I believe it is significant as a music educator. Our missions as an educator are to cultivate, educate and inspire. Passionate learners will only be able to proceed their learning journey further under the right baton. It is significant for me to make sure every learner masters the proper techniques and an established foundation in order to handle more complex playing and movements later time."



"My first priority as a music instructor is to make sure learners show some dignity to their instruments, by ensuring they are learning proper techniques and theories to play their respective instruments. Once they are excelled in the foundation of playing, they are free to express themselves in however way they wish to. "


Cornie Kok

"My students and I, we learn in a playful but disciplined manner in the lessons in order to achieve their fullest musical potential. I want to create an environment where emotion, artistic and journey of every learner is to their fullest. I also want them to inspire people around them and let them know that everyone is full of potential!"


Winna Wong


"I love to see learners enjoy stress-free music lessons, at the same time creating some lasting memories through fun and easy music lessons. There are no limits in learning knowledge, self-enrichment is something that every educator should constantly be doing in order to deliver a better knowledge to learners!"


Bernice Tay

"A music educator should not be solely teaching, it is important to let the students indulge in the process of learning, also act as their support whenever the students guidance."


Lee Shan

"I aim to develop student's passion in music learning through creative and interesting teaching method. I also often introduce challenging activities into the classroom to foster a better learning. All the learners deserve a joyful and enjoyable music learning journey!"


Wan Ern

pianist, violinist

"Every learner is distinctly different than another. Teaching method which does effect on one might not be working on another learner. Thus, i constantly stimulate student's learning with different kind of teaching methods based on learners' needs. One of the aspects that i found that keeps learners anticipate for the lessons is the fun they have had in the classroom. I always aim to make music fun for them!"


Andy Chong

"I believe every learner should be learning music in the way they enjoy it. Learners should explore what is happening outside the classroom apart from music theory. With the experience i have had, I will help learners to achieve their vision in music learning."


Hannah Lee

"I would create and conduct music lessons in a fun and enjoyable way for kids. Learning how to make music should not be something they are afraid of. Step by step learning is what i have been emphasizing in order to let learners have an established music foundation and knowledge."


Poh Yoon Hou


"I aim to create a fun yet progressive music learning environment for students, no matter they are pursuing music for a future career or just learning as a hobby. To me, music is all about the process, it relates to determination, patience and your growth. Music should be teaching students values more than just techniques and playing."


Adrian Ng
pianist, vocalist

"I am strict in teaching, but at the same time I will make sure they enjoy and understand what they are learning through out the lessons. It is important to encourage and motivate students while they are facing difficulties during lessons."


Suzann Wo

"The only thing to keep students enjoy the music lessons is to make sure the lessons are conducted in fun and enjoyable ways. A good music educator helps students to develop the foundation of responsibility, self esteem and helps expand their creativity. At the same time not forgetting to train them to be confident, determine and focus along the journey of learning. "


Jaden Teh


"Music is something that we should enjoyed listening or playing. In order to enjoy playing it, the foundation of music learning is important. Conducting lessons in a relaxing but progressive ways help students to understand and establish the basics and foundation "

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